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Re: Ed Turner Case: Legal Victory!

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If I recall correctly, Ed Turner was an engineering in a city building
department out in either Idaho or Montana.  The city hired a non-engineer
to head up the engineering department.  Mr. Turner was asked to seal some
drawings that he didn't have (or felt he didn't have) responsible charge
for.  He refused.  He was then either fired or forced out (cannot quite
remember) for not sealing the drawings.  He sued on the premise that
sealing the drawings would have violated the state PE act (not to mention
ethics, etc.).

That is what I recall from memory.  Since I am a pack rat, I have keep the
message that had a web page deticated to his case and defense.  The web
address is:

Hope this helps.

Scott Maxwell, PE, SE

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000 GEOHAK(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Can you give a brief description to those of us who have no idea what this 
> victory was about.  We are interested.
> Regards, and congratuulations I guess,
> George Hakim