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RE: Wall thickness of HSS sections

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Title: RE: Wall thickness of HSS sections

>....I am more irritated by the reduction
>of overall section properties forced on us by ....
>steel producers ...  I believe that the correct solution is to
>fix the material specs so that we get what we pay for, instead of
>moving to a system of "nominal" dimensions.

I agree with you, and we (AISC) tried to do exactly what you say is the correct solution back in the mid-nineties, when we became aware of the production practices that lead to wall thicknesses repeatably near the under tolerance. Specifically, we introduced a ballot item in the ASTM process to have the tolerances revised to be more representative of modern production capabilities. That ballot item was defeated, leaving us no other recourse than to require that the wall thickness for design be 0.93 times the nominal thickness.