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RE: Design of Circular Bin Roof

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If it is a flat circular plate (vs domed), this is a good example of where
"Formulas for Stress and Strain" by Roark and Young comes in handy. It has
tables of formulas for stresses in circular plates, including plates with
holes in the center (free or stiffened holes). 

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> Subject: Design of Circular Bin Roof
> Does anyone have any recommendations on references for the design of a
> circular roof of steel plate for a circular bin?  This is an existing
> structure consisting of an inner and outer steel plate.  The 
> roof does not
> have any type of arched ribs to stiffen the plates.  I need 
> to enlarge an
> existing opening in the roof shell and need to determine what, if any,
> reinforcing is required.
> I have the book Tubular Steel Structures from the Lincoln Arc Welding
> Foundation, but could only find information on ribbed domes.  
> Are there any
> US Army Corps of Engineers documents available online to help me out?
> Although I could model it in the computer, I would like to 
> know how to do it
> by hand so I can justify the results the computer would spit 
> out at me.
> Thanks for any help on how I should go about attacking this.
> Troy Madlem
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