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RE: Design of Circular Bin Roof

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Unfortunate for me, it is domed and has several openings and point loads on
it, making the analysis all the more difficult.  I am trying to find a copy
of the Gaylord and Gaylord book that was recommended at a nearby university.
Unless I come up with a good resource, I think a 3D model may be the only
option.  I am also going to try to simplify the problem some and see what I
can come up with by hand to insure my model is correct.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Troy Madlem
Ter Horst, Lamson & Fisk, Inc.

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If it is a flat circular plate (vs domed), this is a good example of where
"Formulas for Stress and Strain" by Roark and Young comes in handy. It has
tables of formulas for stresses in circular plates, including plates with
holes in the center (free or stiffened holes).