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RE: taping plumb-bob?

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I did something similar to this.  I got a collapsible Fiberglas pole from
Home Depot and added a ring at the top .  By holding the end of the pole to
the pipe ,  my helper marked the floor then we measured the string length
from the top of the pole.  The grid marks on the floor were used to locate
the piping.

No lift was required, only a step ladder for hard to reach areas.

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Subject: taping plumb-bob?

We have a need to measure (field locate) a lot of
piping and ducts that are hung from the roof of an
industrial building.  I don't need to be terribly
accurate - just to within an inch or so.  In
considering how to do this, I thought that it would be
nice to be able to drop a plumb-bob (no matter now I
write that I don't think the spelling is correct) down
from a lift and be able to measure the vertical
distance to the floor (actually from the plumb bob
string?) without having to use a flimsy tape.  Has
anyone seen something like I am describing?  I guess
it could be digital.  I could use a cloth tape and
attach a plumb-bob to it somehow but that doesn't
appeal to me as much as having something that is
actually made for the situation.  Any ideas? (using a
survey instrument is not really feasible where this is
located because of a lot of fork truck traffic)
Thanks for your thoughts,
Ken Peoples, P.E.