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RE: taping plumb-bob?

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We use the following two devices for field measuring distances other than
using a regular measuring tape:

1.  Lietz Digital Reading Measure Pole manufactured by Senshin Industry Co.
Ltd. of Japan.  It is a telescoping fiberglass pole assembly which will read
distances up to 26'-6".  It telescopes down, like a fishing rod, to around 4
feet long.  This is best suited for measuring vertical distances.

2.  Hilti electronic measuring device.  It bounces a laser beam between the
unit and the object you need to measure, and gives you a digital readout in
various units.  This will measure distances at any angle, but you need a
clear line of sight.

Hope this is of help.


Harry Olive, P.Eng.

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> We have a need to measure (field locate) a lot of
> piping and ducts that are hung from the roof of an
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