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RE: Steel Seminar

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Title: RE: Steel Seminar
Thanks to Scott Maxwell for posting about the Lateral Framing Systems Lecture that is currently running. Although the Seismic Provisions is not the major focus of that seminar, a lot of the Seismic Provisions is covered in it. If you're interested in where that seminar will be presented in the coming months, look here:
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Subject: RE: Steel Seminar

>...does anybody know of an AISC
>seminar or lecture series on the
>publication "Seismic Provisions for
>Structural Steel Buildings"?

There have been several such seminars to date, but there is no current lecture series on the subject. We are now finalizing Supplement No. 2 to that document in coordination with the finalization of SAC's work on the Guidelines documents. Once they are done, there will be a SAC lecture program in three cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle). We at AISC are working with the SAC folks to extend the tour of this program to other cities. Thanks to close cooperation with SAC, BSSC, ICC, and the remainder of the alphabet soup involved (-: , these seminars really all get at the same basic information that winds up in the AISC Seismic Provisions.

So once the Guidelines documents are finalized, there will be the seminars you seek.