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RE: washers

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Generally washers are not required, the exceptions are for A325 and A490
bolts are contained in the AISC LRFD 2nd Ed. p 6-381 to p 6-382, Sect.

I am aware of no requirement for washers for A307 bolts in standard sized
holes.  That said, I wish you luck on using 1/16" over nominal holes for
base plates.  Contractors have struggled with 5/16" over on base plates
since Andrew Carnegie was kicking.  I personally require washers over all
slotted and oversized holes.  I use generously oversized holes in column
base plates (per the LRFD Manual) and use plate washers called out on the

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	washers
> what are the requirements for installing washers on bolted steel to steel 
> connections?  I have always understood washers to be a standard part of a 
> connection, but have a contractor who wants to charge an extra.  Is it 
> required on only high strength bolts and therefore installed without
> having 
> to specify?  Are they required on A307 bolted connection and base plate 
> connections if standard holes are used?   What code section specifies
> washer 
> requirements.
> thanks paul franceschi