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RE: Steel Connections

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There are two exceptions to this rule:

1.  When the boss wants you to stamp the drawings.
2.  When you can show the boss it will save HIM/HER money.

The second approach is usually the best

--Keith Fix, just an EIT

--- Acie Chance <achance(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> James
>      Who signs the checks you cash? As long as there is no safety risks I 
> believe in doing as the "BOSS" wants. By the way it works well at home too.
> If 
> the actual load is larger you show the actual load. The slight pain I feel
> for 
> the client in cases like this is more then over ridden by loyalty to my 
> employer ( Old School Thinking). If the issue is safety then there is no 
> question, always go with safety. If it really bothers you find a new job.
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> Subject:	Steel Connections
> Need some response to this one. Have a engineer wanting to use reactions
> based on allowable load tables in steel book. I want to show the actual
> reactions on the documents and have done so in past employment. Is the
> company being unreasonable in making me adhere to this policy.

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