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Lindapter Hollo-Bolt

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Below are a few projects where the Hollo-Bolt has been used in the US. There
are also over 80 000 in the new stadium which has been built in Sydney
Australia for this years Olympic Games. 
As far as loading is concerned there is a significant amount of information
available from British Steel. They have a publication TD384 on Hollow
Section Jointing.

Project: Regional Performing Arts Center - Philadelphia, PA
Specifier: Dewhurst Macfarlane & Partners Inc - NY, NY
Contractor: Helmark Steel - Wilmington, DE
25,000 x M10 purchased for tube splice connection.

Project: Central Soya - New Building constructed from structural tube
Specifier: Ganotta & Herner - Monroville, OH
Contractor: Thomas Steel, Inc - Bellevue, OH
770 x M20.

Project: Mono-pole communication towers
Specifier: Engineered Endeavors - Mentor, OH
Contractor: Engineered Endeavors - Mentor, OH
288 x M16

Project: Kentucky Speedway Circuit
Specifier: Dant-Clayton, LLC
Contractor: Dant-Guenthner, LLC - Louisville, KY
260 x M20

Project: Connection of horizontal and vertical lifeline systems to
structural tube.
Specifier: Fall Arrest Systems - Ann Arbor, MI
Contractor: Fall Arrest Systems - Ann Arbor, MI
M16 used continually since product introduction to US Market.

Project: Hibernia Off-Shore Platform
Specifier: Hibernia Management & Development Co
Contractor: Hibernia Management & Development Co
150 x M10 in Stainless Steel.

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Speaking of Lindapter "Hollo-Bolt" has anyone used them and how are the test
results compared to other connections?