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RE: Steel Connections

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Example for shop bolted - field bolted table:
Column 1 - beam depth, column 2 - No. of bolts in outstanding leg, column 3
- No. of bolts in web, column 3 - indicates angle size.  The bolt size and
type is either in the specifications or placed in a footnote. 

This table takes care of a lot of oops.

Harold Sprague

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> >I assemble a table with various beam depths and show the connections both
> >welded and bolted.  The odd ball connections are detailed individually.
> I
> >have found that the fabricators with beam lines (most of them) like the
> all
> >bolted connections.
> I assume you have a standard detail.  What does your table look like?
> I've
> been trying to develop something like this but haven't got a working
> version
> yet.  Projects are always in a rush and our "standard" details cut and
> paste
> too easily.  Hence, the table is on my "wish" list.  I think it would
> eliminate a bunch of details.  (And questions, and "Oops forgot that
> detail").
> Mark Jones
> Jacobs Engineering