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RE: Joist Girder Connections to Tubes

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Title: RE: Joist Girder Connections to Tubes

>I just called the Ann Arbor office for info on bolt.
>The 20M (3/4" dia.) fastener, which lists a 8,992
>shear capacity into the face of a HSS5x5x1/4,
>costs $11.75 per bolt! this to the
>$1.00 you'll spend on conventional A325's and
>it's clear this is for special applications only.

You're right about the cost difference, but since conventional bolting isn't usually possible for the HSS application (due to the inaccessibility of the inside), the comparison might be more appropriately (and favorably) made to the cost of a suitably equivalent welded connection. Welding can cost in the range of $30 to $60 per pound of weld metal placed. I don't mean this to imply in any way that welding is not economical. It quite often is very economical.