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One advantage to signing documents...

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<< But I would think that further clarification is in order at the state and
 local levels, since questions about this arise frequently.  This is even
 more true now that electronic signatures are possible.   Being able to use
 an electronic signature would seem advantageous.
  Bart Needham, SE >>

I think you are right....further, it is important to discover the reasoning 
behind the Board's decision to implement this rule.  Is it for the consumer's 
protection, or rather a measure of  protection for the enginner....I can see 
at least one advantage to the engineer in this scenario....the engineer of 
record can be satisfied and assured that only documents he actually signed  
will be presented to third parties ...

and to Ben Youssefi,
I did try to send my thanks in private, for some reasons it came on the 
list..I'll be more careful next time...sorry for any inconvenience...

George Hakim