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RE: Again on the HSS black book

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Title: RE: Again on the HSS black book
There is another issue that is unclear to me. How is section 9.2 of the specification to be applied? This merely gives the effective length of a weld made, I assume, in accordance with either Figure 2-7, 2-9 or 2-12 depending upon whether fillet, PJP or CJP welds are desired. Is this correct? Given that and assuming fillet welds, what is the appropriate E width? Does this table imply that if I only need an E=0.7t that the minimum L requirements under the forst column apply?
There is also the question of which Resistance factor to use. Given that on the side welds of a rectangular to rectangular connection there is a shear component there is the question of what do we do? Since Le varies depending on the inclination of the tube, the portion of Le to which the shear component applies would vary. Or do we just use E and Le and phi = 0.9 and assume it is a straight tension connection with the adjustments to Le accounting for everything else?
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