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RE: Again on the HSS black book

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Title: RE: Again on the HSS black book
While you are doing errata there is an inconsistency between table 8-2a and the spec section. Specifically, under limit state 4 the limits of appliciability are "only if members are not square OR of unequal width." At first glance this seemed different from the spec section that states nothing about inapplicability under any circumstances.
Also, I am a little confused about how to apply these equations despite the examples. Given a gapped-K connection two branch members occur. The equations are not clear about which branch is used in the equation for beta, for example. It is possible for the two branch members to differ in both size and angle of inclination. Do we need to calculate this for each branch separately and all the extra work that that implies?
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Subject: RE: Again on the HSS black book

>Is anyone aware of an Errata for the black book?

None published to date, but I will be putting one together to include the error you pointed out below.

>Table 4.9 is in error for the minimum wall thickness of
>round HSS. The values(i.e. 10.3/Fy) move down 1 row,
>therefore, 10.3/Fy is for 5/16" plate instead of 1/4".
>Therefore, is the value for 1/4" now 7.7/Fy?

You are correct on both accounts. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.