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Re: 4th of July - What Does It Mean To You?

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>It sounds like the current movie "the Patriot" isn't such an exaggeration 
>(of  the evilness of the British army commanders) as has been said in some 
The bad guy in The Patriot was modelled after Banastre Tarleton, who was 
considered exceptionally brutal in a theater of the war noted for 
brutality. Tarleton's unit was severly cut up at Cowpens by William 
Washington's cavalry. A number of Continental troops hollered ' give 'em 
Tarleton's quarter' referring to a slaughter of surrendering American 
troops at Camden by Tarleton. 

The war in South Carolina had atrocities committed by both sides, by 
regulars as well as militia. One thing not mentioned in the movie was 
Daniel Morgan's recommendation to General Greene that the militia be put 
up front in the center with regular Continiental units behind with 
instructions to shoot any of the militia who stated running. On the other 
side, Cornwallis ordered his artillery to fire into his own troops to 
break up a melee that threatened to turn into a complete British rout.

It wasn't history, but a helluva good movie, though. 

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