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Re: Minimum steel connections

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Your bolted connection example is reasonable as are most connections
governed by this rule.  Imagine, for the sake of argument, though, that part
of a connection consists of a plate in weak axis flexure.  If, as in the
original example, the design load is increased by a factor of ten, the plate
thickness would increase by a factor of three.  If this were a repetitive
condition, the "reasonableness" of the connection is not so clear.

In reinforced concrete beams, minimum flexural steel requirements are waived
if reinforcement is provided that is one-third greater than that required by
analysis.  Philosophically, there should be an equivalent for steel
connections that would provide a consistent factor of safety while
considering practical and economic factors.

Jason Emoto, P.E.

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Per the ASD Specification, the 6 kip unfactored load can be resisted by one
A307 bolt in tension or two 5/8" A307 bolts in shear.  (You get the same
using the 10 kip factored load in the LRFD Specification.)  These do not
like unreasonable minimum connectors.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA


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Subject:  Minimum steel connections

AISC ASD specification section J1.6 calls for steel connections to be
designed to support a minimum load of 6 kips (LRFD section J1.7 specifies 10
kips).  Lacing, sag bars and girts are excepted from this requirement.  Are
there any other exceptions explicity given?

Suppose a canopy connection (within the scope of sructural steel as defined
by specification section A2.1 and Code of Standard Practice section 2.1)
supports a load of 600 lb.  It seems like overkill to design the connection
for ten times this force.

Jason Emoto, P.E.

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