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RE: Again on the HSS black book

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Title: RE: Again on the HSS black book

>...there is an inconsistency between table 8-2a and
>the spec section. Specifically, under limit state 4 the limits of
>appliciability are "only if members are not square OR of unequal width." At
>first glance this seemed different from the spec section that states nothing
>about inapplicability under any circumstances.

Thanks, I'll get that cleared up. The limits of applicability are correct.

>Also, I am a little confused about how to apply these equations despite the
>examples. Given a gapped-K connection two branch members occur. The
>equations are not clear about which branch is used in the equation for beta,
>for example. It is possible for the two branch members to differ in both
>size and angle of inclination. Do we need to calculate this for each branch
>separately and all the extra work that that implies?

Yes, unfortunately, when the brace sizes and angles vary in a gapped-K truss connection, it does increase the computational effort. For small variations, it may be easy to visually or mentally eliminate one of the branches, especially for a limit state like chord wall plastification, which will be much more critical for steel branch angles and smaller branch sizes due to the nature of the limit state.