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Wood Exposed for 5 Months During Construction

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Dear Fellow Engineers:

Here is an exposed wood question to see if you can help. Thanks in advance.

At the request of a developer, I visited a new 2-story single family house.
The house is under construction. The project was shut down by the Building
for some reason five months ago. Concrete basement and first floor (TJI/Pro
joists and
OSB deck) were in place before the shutdown. The first floor wood studs were
in place as well.
There was no weather protection at all for the half constructed house during
the five months period.
2x pre-fab. wood roof trusses, 2nd floor TJL joists, 2x6 wood studs are all
laying on the ground as well.

The building was designed by an unlicensed architect without any structural

The developer would like to continue the project now. Of course they would
like to
keep the wood product in place as much as possible. The city is requesting a
structural evaluation
report on the exposed wood members before issuing building permit.

The question is how to structurally evaluate regular wood (not
pressure-treated), OSB,
TJI/Pro joists after five months weather exposure.

I am considering the following:

1. Test a representative sample for moisture content to be lower than 19%.

2. Test a sample of TJI/Pro joist and OSB deck in a material lab for
structural capacity
     and rebounding.

3. Apply certain wood treatment sealer protect the weathered wood from

4.  Have truss manufacturer to evaluate the trusses.

Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks again.

Jie Lu, P.E., S.E.
J. Lu International, LLC
St. Louis, Missouri

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