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RE: Mathcad 2000 Question

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Why write out the equation two times and still risk the hidden equation (which
is the "live" one), being wrong.  MathCAD gives you a clear display of the live
equation in readable format.   Excel has its place, but we have found it is not
the best solution for most engineering calculations.

Ed Haninger
Fluor Daniel

Charles Espenlaub <Cespenlaub(--nospam--at)> on 07/07/2000 12:55:57 PM

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Subject:  RE: Mathcad 2000 Question

I disagree.  EXCEL, can be easy to follow if you document your
equations.  If all you do is have input fields, and calculate your
answer with one complicated equation in one cell, with no comments, it
is very hard to follow.  But if you write out the equations to the side,
and/or show intermediate steps (as if you were doing it by hand), it can
be easy to follow.

EXCEL has the added benefit that if you set up the problem correctly,
you can use the solver routine to solve for any particular variable.
For simple example, with a spreadsheet for designing a concrete beam,
you could solve for the required reinforcing, given an assumed size and
depth.  Alternatively (Fy, F'c, etc. staying constant), using the same
spreadsheet, you could solve for the depth assuming the reinforcing and
width of beam.

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