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RE: Mathcad 2000 Question

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>I agree, this is the best way to work in Excel, but it takes more time to do
>this in Excel than it does in Mathcad. An additional "hurdle" is the
>constant cell width makes a set of calculations (other than a table)
>difficult. From my experience, anyway. And, in Mathcad, the equations look
>more like hand calculations than in Excel.
I use Excel with a print merge document from MS Word to do ASME Code 
calculations. Do the calculations in and Excel workbook, export the 
numbers as a text file, merge it into a calculation sheet template. Looks 
like hand calculations, with all the formulas are formatted perfectly and 
all the numbers placed exactly as I want them with sketches showing 
terminology. And all the calculation sheets plop neatly right into a 
report appendix. Same with calculations of section properties or that 
infernal ASD biaxial bending formula. It takes a while to set up, but 
after the first set-up, I can put out a dozen calculation sheets (say two 
vessels with six or 8 nozzles each) in about the same time as one. 

It's also a good idea to name your variables, so the formulas look like 
actual formulas identified. You can print out the formulas for anyone who 
wants to audit the worksheet, and it's a lot easier to follow.

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