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Re: drainage behind shoring and permanent wall

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Mirafi has drainage details that might help to solve your
problem.  The detail should be the responsibility of the
shoring engineer in conjunction with structural engineer and
the architect.  Once the water is inside the building (below
the slab-on-grade) it has to be picked up and pumped out. 
Therefore it is more than just a shoring engineer's or
structural engineer's problem.

Are the soldier beams embedded in the final wall?  Are you
lagging to the back flange of the soldier beam or to the
front flange.  It will make a difference in the drainage
detail.  If you don't have access to Mirafi's details, I can
fax you some of their typical details (or email).

Larry Burnett, P.E.

Chris Lillback wrote:
> Suppose you have temporary shoring which will be part of
> permanent wall. height 25 to 29 feet.
> welcome suggestions for drainage behind wall... and
> placement of same. space is confined. Continuous lagging.
> Width between piles is 6 feet. Sand drains? Mirafi
> drainage material? Should detail be shoring engineers
> responsibility or structural engineer?
> Retained earth is very cohesive and locally stable.
> I welcome any comments or sharing of actual experience.
> Chris Lillback

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