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Wood Exposed for 5 Months During Construction

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"2x6 wood studs are all laying on the ground as well"

Obviously, some of this stuff will have to be wasted; those in direct
contact with the soil and those that have excessively checked or warped.

"Test a representative sample for moisture content to be lower than 19%."

I wouldn't bother.  MC will have changed substantially before the project is
finished.  I think the 19% is merely a cutoff for "in service" conditions.
If you proceed with this, I'd set a fairly high MC for rejection . . . maybe
25% (just guessing).

"Test a sample of TJI/Pro joist and OSB deck in a material lab for
structural capacity and rebounding."

I'd do a full scale field test to failure on section of the TJI joists.  The
manufacturer might even want to observe.  My reasoning here is that lab
testing requires identifying all the possible failure modes and
extrapolating results.  The field test is more impressive to the building
official and people like me.

My approach would be to visually evaluate the OSB deck, cut out and replace
where necessary, then add a layer of 1/2" OSB throughout.

One "low-tech" thing you could do is carefully remove a 4' x 8' sheet (if
it's glued this might not be possible).  Set it up between saw horses and
test for deflection.  Compare with a new sheet.  Even the reduced deflection
capacity will probably be enough to rationalize adding a new layer of 1/2"
OSB to bring the system up to the equivalent of new 3/4" OSB.  But just for
grins, perform the test with the 1/2" OSB added.

John P. Riley, SE
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa

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