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RE: Wood Exposed for 5 Months During Construction

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the best action would be to get the local wood council or manuf to help you
evaluate it. any small homes council folks in the area? i know main office
is at UofI, try them too. try consulting john rose of apa (he is here on the
list). barring that, i think that common sense and good engineering sense
will help you through this.

engineered and manufactured wood products are surprisingly durable. wood
gets a bad rap by engineers because few actually understand it. wood is a
very resiliant material. don;t underestimate it. they should at least remedy
the situation by properly storing the material on site. stack sheet goods
flay and cover them. sticker dimensional lumber to help drying and cover in
the meantime. for trusses, call the truss manuf, and get his help. get
things off the ground and if things are really nasty, clean them or throw
them away.  sounds like they are a lest a week or two away from starting,
make use of it as drying time!

from your description, it sounds like the part of the shell is up.what is
the overall condition of the structure? do you see much warping or
distortion? is are the decks 'oil-canned?' is there significant delamination
to the osb? propably ok structurally, but servicibility is an issue. might
be better to add 2nd layer of span rated material to provide sound base for
are the walls out of plumb?

do you see black mold/mildew on members? the black slime found on members in
standing water is the start of decay, but a good cleaning and drying will
stop it. if it getd wet again, it will mold. if the members are warped they
propably can only be saved by cutting them up and used for blocking. 2x's
that look like propellers as destined for the burn pile! the carpenters
should be given some liberty in evaluating the material, if they think is
saveable, trust them. if not, let them throw it away.

1. Test a representative sample for moisture content to be lower than 19%.
i don't think this will tell you much. a wc meter is not a great expense,
but the numbers will only tell you that the wood is wet. once you know how
wet, what are you going to do? there is not much you can do. you can sticker
the wood to dry it, but that takes time. once the house is weatherproof, it
will dry out. that is where the problems will occur. further drying =>
shrinkage is the more likely problem and liability. the builder will have
never ending call backs for nail pops and cracking in drywall. etc... you
will too.

2. Test a sample of TJI/Pro joist and OSB deck in a material lab for
structural capacity and rebounding.

this is a bit excessive i think. visual evaluation by the local tji rep
should do. are/were the tji's directly exposed weather? were they at least
coverd? in standing water? or just atmospheric wet conditions?  tjis seldom
have any camber, they are straight in plane. they will be straightened out
of plane as decking is laid by the carpenters. more important is to check
the flanges of they are solid sawn mtlr or laminated and check for defects

best bet is to call tjm/gp/lp or whoever made the joists. they will propably
give you the 'proper material storage' speech.

3. Apply certain wood treatment sealer protect the weathered wood from

topical preservatives are not as good injected/infused. very labor
intensive, must be done properly. this is a tough one. its a significant
expense. long term 'sick building' issues here too.
4.  Have truss manufacturer to evaluate the trusses.

good idea. any corrosion on truss plates or fasteners? joist hangers in

good luck, feel free to email any questions.

dennis pantazis


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