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RE: Wood Exposed for 5 Months During Construction

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We at Trus Joist have taken field exposure to moisture during construction into account in the design of our product.  What you have described may or may not be a problem for our joists.  A site visit would help a lot.  As with all wood members, you want to make sure that the structural members have dried prior to being loaded to avoid excessive creep.
If the TJI/Pro joists were in fact manufactured by Trus Joist, we would be more than happy to evaluate the joists and provide you with our opinion.  Since these joists have our name on them, we don't want them to be used unless they are structurally adequate!
I'm not sure where the job is located so I can't give you the exact office to call.  However, call our 800 number (800-628-3997), describe you problem, and ask to be connected to your local engineering office.  Or, contact me direct and I will get you connected.
Glyn Boone, P.E.