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RE: Circular Tanks

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The governing criteria for this type of design is contained in the ACI 350.
However, ACI 350 is in a state of transition in which the methodology for
impulsive and convective fluid force is changing to a method similar to that
contained in AWWA D100.  My sources on the committee believe that the new
ACI 350 should be approved in late summer.

If you don't have it, you also need a copy of "Circular Concrete Tanks
Without Prestressing", by the PCA.  I am presuming that it is not

Harold Sprague

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> Hello Everyone!
> I am a structural E.I. working on designing a circular concrete tank for
> sludge storage for a wast water treatment plant.  I have very little
> experience in this, and have searched your archives for help.  I need some
> guidance on doing the seismic design for this tank.  I have the general
> design mostly complete, but need to make sure that everything is adequate
> for the seismic forces.  It is not an elevated structure, but one that
> only sits far enough into grade to get below the frost line.  Any help
> would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
> --Melissa J. Toth, E.I.

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