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RE: Metric Steel Shapes

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Title: RE: Metric Steel Shapes

Reference: AISC, LRFD, Metric, Vol I

multiply kg/m (mass/length) by gravity (9.81 m/s^2)
this changes kg/m (mass/length) to N/m (force/length)
covert N/m (force/length) to lbf/ft (force/length) by multiplying by 1/14.59 (conversion table back of AISC manual)
11.5 * 9.81*1/14.59=7.7

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1) Where did the "11" come from? What does it signify?

2) Where did you find the information?


> "Connor, John A NWK" wrote:
> S100x11 (metric) is equivalent to S4x7.7 (Imperial).