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RE: Metric Steel Shapes

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Title: RE: Metric Steel Shapes

You'll find some metric resources here:

One of the listings there is a link to the the AISC Metric Manual, which lists all the shapes and what they cross-reference to in U.S. customary units. There may be a problem with the designation you've got. The closest S shape to that in ASTM A6M is S100x11.5

Here's a simple way to ballpark it for any metric shape from ASTM A6M to find the equivalent A6 designation:

1. Divide the first number by 25 (which has units of mm) and round it if necessary to the increment of nominal depth you already know in inches. 100 => 4

2. Divide the second number (which has units of kg/m) by 1.5 and round it if necessary to get the increment of nominal weight per foot (lbs). 11.5 => 7.7

So an S100x11.5 corresponds to an S4x7.7. this is what is listed in the AISC Metric Manual.

Hope this helps.