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Re: Truss computer program

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I wouldn't overlook the general purpose structural analysis program.  Many of
them have pre-made templates for various structures including trusses.  For
example, RISA 3D version 4.1 has templates for Warren and X-braced trusses.  If
you have the program, you hit the "High level generation" button in the middle
of the top row of the tool bar - has a dome on it.   In the truss screen you
select the members you want for top chord, bottom chord, braces, panel width,
height, number of panels, etc..    Hit Ok and it generates all the nodes and
members.  You can generate the loads in a similar manner.    That sounds pretty
easy to me.   SAP 2000 has similar templates.

Ed Haninger
Fluor Daniel

Is anyone out there aware of a truss program (i.e. only does trusses)?
Obviously, trusses can be designed and analyzed in a standard structural
program like RISA or STAAD.  However, we would like a program that just
does trusses that would have pre-made templates for various truss types
and that does not require having "manually" define nodes, members,
boundary conditions, loads, AISC design check criteria (i.e. unbraced
lengths).  Bascially, we would like something that requires easier input
than a standard structural analysis/design package.

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