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Hello everybody:

I'm a Structural Engineer and I am desperately looking for someone who
has been working as a Structural Engineer and has recently went through
getting his permanent Residence (Green Card).

I'm trying to find a salary survey for Structural Engineers that meets
the following criteria:

1- Survey must have been collected within 24 months.
2- Wage determination must be based on an arithmetic mean.
3- The survey must identify a statistically valid methodology that was
used to collect the data.

Basically the Survey published in Seaint is vague in terms of the method
of the collected data. I need a more official one that I can use.

Part of the process is to describe the job description to the EDD (
Employment Department). The EDD said that my salary should be at least
40% MORE than what I'm getting. The number that they provided is
outrageous and only an Associate or a Senior manager with 8-10 years of
experience can make this figure ( I have no experience yet). I'm trying
to gather some information and some affiliated/certified salary survey
to show that your industry DOES NOT pay that much !
If anyone has ever run into this problem or knows a way to avoid going
through and still be able to apply for a permanent resident, please let
me know.

Thank you


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