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RE: (Negative Torsional Shear)

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Steve Hiner wrote:

. > I may have missed a previous response, but just in case:

. > 1999 Blue Book, Section C105.7,  p. 112 (top paragraph, right column) ...
. > "The statement 'The most severe load combination for each element shall be
. > considered in design' is intended to permit torsional shear to be 
. > SUBTRACTED from the direct load shear when the torsional shear is 
. > opposite to the direction of the seismic load ..."

. > This is contrary to previous code requirements, but the remaining 
. > paragraghs of Section C105.7 go on to further explain the reasoning.  

. > As the design engineer you might choose not to reduce the force on a 
. > lateral resisting element (due to negative torsional shear), but it's my
. > understanding that computer programs typically DO subtract the (negative)
. > torsional shear from the direct shear ... when that situation occurs.

Is this last paragraph the tail wagging the dog?  Have engineering 
requirements given way to reflect what computer programs do?  The people 
selling licenses to their computer programs disclaim *any* responsibility for 
the computer program and do not warrant that it is correct or applicable to 
any particular problem.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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