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RE: HSS to HSS moment connection

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Put a seat angle below the beam, make the welds that you can, air arc the
seat angle off, grind the spatter, and do the bottom weld.  

For the weld itself, you could use a tack welded backer rod.  You can let
the root go to 0 for prequalified full pen welds.  Or you could use a
partial pen weld with a reinforcing fillet weld and not have to use a backer
rod at all.

If you have good welders, you could prequalify a pipe type weld (pipers, and
millwrights do these every day) with a stringer bead that works like a
backer bar.  You will have to get it tested in any event.  The trick is the
stringer bead.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	HSS to HSS moment connection
> We do steel detailing and design so we see both ends
> of the connection design.  On one of our current
> detailing projects, we are being asked to come up with
> a moment connection detail for a HSS10X10X1/2 beam to
> a HSS10X10X3/8 column for an AESS condition (thats too
> many SS's!).  No exposed plates or erection seats are
> allowed.  We suggested using an internal seat angle
> with a short (say 2" horiz leg) but since there are
> tubes at both ends of the beam, the design engineer is
> afraid of the difficulty getting the members in
> (having to lean the column out to get the bottom
> flange of the beam past) - which could be a valid
> concern.  I have three questions:
> 1. What else can be done to make an erection seat fo
> this type of connection?  Any e-mailed details would
> be appreciated.
> 2. Do I shop weld a backer bar to the inside of the
> tube to make full pen welds to?
> 3. Why isn't this situation covered in the HSS manual?
> Thanks in advance for your comments
> Ken Peoples, P.E.
> lvta(--nospam--at)

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