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HSS to HSS moment connection

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Another possible detail for this type of moment connection is provided in
the March 1993 issue of Modern Steel Construction, "Designing
Architecturally Exposed Steel Tubes".  Several details are listed, but the
one that I have recently used (see Figure 7 on page 37) consists of a
vertical plate at the HSS column, with a angled notch at the top of the
plate nearest the column.  The HSS beam has a small vertical plate on its
inside top flange which slides into place over the column plate notch.  For
erection concerns, a slot is provided in the bottom of the HSS beam aligning
with the column plate.  The column plate is then groove welded to the bottom
of the HSS beam at the slot.  For the moment connection, the top and bottom
flanges of the HSS beam may have bevel or fillet welds to the HSS column,
depending on load requirements.  The sides of the HSS beam are then fillet
welded to the HSS column for a more finished appearance.

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Ken Peoples <lvtakp(--nospam--at)> on 07/18/2000 07:42:59 AM

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Subject:  HSS to HSS moment connection

We do steel detailing and design so we see both ends
of the connection design.  On one of our current
detailing projects, we are being asked to come up with
a moment connection detail for a HSS10X10X1/2 beam to
a HSS10X10X3/8 column for an AESS condition (thats too
many SS's!).  No exposed plates or erection seats are
allowed.  We suggested using an internal seat angle
with a short (say 2" horiz leg) but since there are
tubes at both ends of the beam, the design engineer is
afraid of the difficulty getting the members in
(having to lean the column out to get the bottom
flange of the beam past) - which could be a valid
concern.  I have three questions:
1. What else can be done to make an erection seat fo
this type of connection?  Any e-mailed details would
be appreciated.
2. Do I shop weld a backer bar to the inside of the
tube to make full pen welds to?
3. Why isn't this situation covered in the HSS manual?
Thanks in advance for your comments
Ken Peoples, P.E.

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