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Re: Roof Framing, Joist Spacing...Input please

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We have been doing the same thing on a few projects. I have for several years
done what Jim Kestner does with the longer spans (frequently school gymnasiums)
but we have done some large car dealerships with 10 foot joist spacing and 3"
deck everywhere and have run into no problems.


"Khosrownia, Ghassem SPK" wrote:

> Hi,
> I have recently taken a radical approach in designing roof framing for
> several buildings that will be advertised in the same time frame. I am
> spacing the joists twice the usual 4 to 5 feet. Cleaner roof framing for
> these buildings was in general a driving factor for my approach. I have had
> to specify the N type roof decking to support the extra span, and my
> architects don't mind the extra span's possible influence on the ceiling of
> the building. Have I overlooked something? Except for the ceiling and larger
> metal decking, what do you thing are the potential pitfalls of spacing roof
> joists at 8 or 9 feet on centers. We have no snow load problems in this
> area.
> I appreciate your thoughts and the sharing of your experiences.
> Ghassem Khosrownia
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