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RE: Metric Roof Slope

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In those projects I have seen, the usual way of specifying roof slopes on architectural drawings, is 1:x, like 1:12, 1:8.5 etc. (no more than one or two decimal digits). On rare occasions I have seen the roof angle given in degrees. Structural drawings often do not explicitly state the roof slope, only horizontal dimensions and elevations. Where I have seen roof slope specified on structural drawings it has always been in the form of 1:x.
Hope that helps,
Gunnar Hafsteinn Isleifsson
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Subject: Metric Roof Slope

What is the standard way of specifying roof slope in metric countries?  In the US we use x:12, where x is so many inches of rise in 12 inches of run.  What is the standard in metric?
Thanks in advance,
Paul Feather