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RE: Basketball Goals (again)

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Title: RE: Basketball Goals (again)

I recently did a couple of projects with ceiling-hung basketball goals, and was able to get quite a bit of information from BPI.  Their website is  You'll find general information for the many varieties of goals and contact information you'll need to obtain useful engineering information.  They were able to fax me dimensions and weights for each type of system.

(Mike -- It's a good thing you asked us to resend our responses, so I could have a chance to do it again in proper English!  I shouldn't type before the fingers are getting the right signals from the brain.)

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It seems that no replies came for this.  Randy sent me a direct email because the
list server did not get his reply.  Please resend any comments any of y'all had.



I have a basketball goal that is to hang from my roof trusses.  What is the
typical load due to a basketball goal?  What is the load combination?  I was
thinking of adding a 2,000 lbs. concentrated load due to the goal, supports and
impact and adding with the D+L.  I have not received anything from the
manufacturer on it as of yet and I am trying to get a feel as to the impact on



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