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RE: HP Designjet 600 E size Roll Feed Plotter

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Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2000 9:20 PM
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Subject: Re: HP Designjet 600 E size Roll Feed Plotter

What year is it?   
I bought it new on June 2, 1995.
How much mileage does it have?   
I dunno if it has a counter, but, since my purchase, my company has been the smallest it's ever been (essentially myself). Sooo... I couldn't have used it very much.
The $1800 is $US? 
Of course.
Why are you selling? 
The clients I have only want plot files from me and I could use the space. The machine works great and, from what I understand, the print cartridges are cheaper than on the newer ones. 
Once I've checked local servicing availability, might be interested.  Won't be back in town for two weeks though.  If you haven't sold by then please contact me. 
Feel free to stay in touch, but I expect it to be gone long before you get back.

Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
Laguna Niguel, CA