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Q: connection of walls to diaphragm, CMU and Hollow Core Plank co nstruction

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CMU walls should be connected to the floor diaphragms for out of plane
support. Plank industry typical details indicate a straight bar embedded
into and projecting from top of the CMU wall at the floor to be bent 90
degrees into the topping (projecting out of the wall) after the planks are
installed. I have seen many who ignore this and show the bars shop bent and
the contractor has problems placing planks. I also don't like field bending
of the bars if I can avoid it. I don't know how precise this will be done,
and I am concerned about the development of the bar when considering
interaction of the topping and the pre-cast planks.

I have thought about using bent rebars that have one leg extended into where
the topping will be, and the other leg located horizontally in the plane of
the wall where continuous bond beam reinforcement will be placed. I believe
this kind of anchorage must provide the same capacity as if it were bent
into the masonry wall. What do you think? Is there another reason that the
bars should be bent downwards (or upwards) into the wall?

Ghassem Khosrownia

Sacramento District
Military Design Branch
1325 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 557-7347
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