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RE: Dimensioning

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The brick might be only veneer, but it is what establishes the "building
line".  The building line is generally the outside face of the brick at the
foundation level for a brick and block exterior wall.  Corbels should be
measured in section views relative to the building line.  The building line
is often also a grid line if the exterior wall is bearing.

The analogy is similar for a prefab metal building where the exterior of the
building is generally referenced as the "girt line" (sometimes called the
"sheet line") which is the outside face of the girt and the back of the
sheet metal cladding.

These are just conventions that help determine the methodology of measuring
and constructing a building in the field.  The contractor will place his
batter boards (if used) in the corners for a given offset relative to the
building line.  The grids would then be established from the batter boards,
allowing for the offset.

If the perimeter of the building has many offsets, I would call the
architect and establish the building line in plan and label it.  Also
measure to the outside face of the CMU wall, and measure to one face of the
interior walls.  The thickness of building materials used in wall
construction will vary.  Don't create a problem for the contractor.  It all
has to do with conventions on where and how you accommodate for dimensional
variations in building material and construction tolerances. 

Changing conventions from the architect's conventions or from normal
accepted conventional practice is a guarantee for dimensional busts.

Graphic Standards by Ramsey and Sleeper shows normal conventions for

Harold Sprague

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> Hello,
> I was wondering if there is any standard for dimensioning on a plan sheet.
> We
> have loadbearing CMU walls with brick veneer.  The brick veneer corbels
> out 1"
> at two locations up the wall.  The architectural plans are dimensioned at
> the
> narrowest point of the building (above the corbels) which is 2'-8" AFF.
> All I am
> really concerned with is the CMU as the brick is a veneer.  How do others
> handle
> the dimensioning of the foundation and steel plans for this case.  I am
> thinking
> of dimensioning inside of CMU wall to inside of CMU wall and then
> referring to
> the Arch. drawings for the wall thicknesses.  Any comments?  Are there any
> books
> on drafting standards related to structural engineering?
> Mike

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