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Use of weathering steel

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In addition to being an engineer, I'm also a writer.  I'm working on an
article about COR-TEN steel in particular, but am interested in
discussion about weathering steel in general.  I am interested in
anyone's comments about:
*applications that COR-TEN (or other weathering steels) have done well in.
*applications that COR-TEN or other weathering steels have not done well
and why it didn't work out
*issues regarding bending, welding, forming, painting, etc.

I will cheerfully use your name and company to spread some good ink on
your behalf.  The publication is The Fabricator, by the Croyden Group. 
(  You can reply to me directly
(bkemper(--nospam--at) if you think the whole list isn't quite interested
in this topic.

So you know where I'm coming from: I do not have any personal experience
with this material.  I'm a mechanical engineer working in Louisiana and
Texas, primarily in industrial/manufacturing/fabrication/facility
arenas.  I've become more involved in structural issues, which is why I
recently joined this forum.  (In fact, I'm considering getting my
masters in Structural--anyone with an opinion on the value of such a
degree, please email me offlist).  While I am often involved with static
and rotating equipment design/analysis/troubleshooting, I also have
considerable expertise in computer modeling (FEA, CFD, linear/nonlinear,
composites such as concrete/rebar or laminates, etc.) and have been
called on to do more and more structural-related modeling, but I'm still
learning standard practices in structural work. So pitch a bit slow on
this, especially since the target audience is not structural engineers
as much as the fabricators and erectors.

Thanks in advance.

Bart Kemper, P.E.

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