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cable x-bracing

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Nels & Harold,
You guys really know how to rain on a guys parade :) And I thank you for your forthright response to my post.
I am pleased Harold pointed out the lack of information in the code, I figured I to hurryedly scanned thru the code and just didn't find the proper section. The only mention I found is for the metal building industry and you are simply referred elsewhere.
I was not aware of the poor performance of this type of system in LA nor the loss of life. Yes, the edge of a deck does not have the life safety issues of the house but still....
I suppose to combat the shrinkage issues tube steel columns and wf beam or perhaps glulam or parallam beam and columns could be used. The yield issue of cable... will have to look deeper into this. 3/8" dia. aircraft cable has a breaking strength of about 13k (if memory serves me) which would be about (estimated at this point) 3 times required capacity.
Unfortunately for the owner any cross bracing is in the site line from lowest floor of residence. Perhaps just explaining the loss of life which occured in LA will persuade the owner to not be so critical of a larger object serving as a brace.
Thanks to you both for offering you insight. Neither of your comments are taken lightly.