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Re: Steel Reinforcement Elongation Limit

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Thanks for the input.

Initially I committed the fatal error of ASSUMING ... Now I see why in
e-mail less sometimes is less, not more.

I have worked closely with W. Gold and G. Blaszac in the past, as members of
ACI Committee 440 - FRP and sub-committee 440F-Repair.

There are now a few guidelenes on the use of FRP's in construction.



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> Now that you supply additional relevant information, I can better
> understand your question.  Unfortunately, I will not be much help.  I
> haven't had the privaledge of working with some of the more advanced
> materials.
> I assume when you say composites, you are referring to FRP.  If so there
> was an article in the Feb. 2000 issue of Structural Engineer magazine
> about using FRP to reinforce existing concrete members.  The article
> outlined a method for determining the design.  While you may not want to
> use their method (I have real knowledge in this area, so I don't know how
> useful it is), you could contact the authors for information.  The authors
> were William Gold and Gregg Blaszak.  They might be able to provide the
> answers to your questions.  I am sure that you could get in contact with
> them through the magazine (their company was not listed).
> Hope this helps,
> Scott Maxwell, PE, SE

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