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way off topic - Where oh where has my eraser gone?

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Ok, I apologize for this in advance but I have
exhausted all of my sources, and knowing that most
engineers are particular about what they write with
(Blue P207 Pentel with 0.7 mm HB lead - etc), I'm sure
there is someone else out there who happened to come
across the same kind of pencil eraser that I used to
have and loved so much but can not find.  I'm talking
about the kind that takes the soft white cylindrical
shaped erasers.  I know about the Click Eraser that
Pentel makes and I use one of these now as a
replacement but this one just doesn't compare to my
old one which is now lost.  The one that I had was
black with orange "grips" at the end.  It worked very
well - without having to squeeze a spot to keep the
eraser from sliding back up.  I liked it so much that
I asked several secretaries to try to find another one
BEFORE I lost it (knowing that this day would come). 
Unfortunately, the manufacturer neglected to put any
kind of markings on it to let us know who made this
wonderous device and each of the secretaries failed to
find me a replacement.  So here I am, hoping that
someone else out there knows what I am talking about
and can help me out by telling me where to buy one.

Thanks for your help!
Ken Peoples, P. E.

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