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Re: Release of Calcs.

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Thanks, all, for the thoughtful responses.

My concern sprung from a project of a few years ago on which the client
asked for my calcs so he could have his contractor use them on a future
project.  His plan was to have the contractor use my calcs to figure out the
capacity of the structure I had designed so he could build an addition onto

I refused to release the calcs, concerned that the contractor would make
some unjustified assumption based on my calcs, and build something with a
problem for which I could someday be held partially responsible.  At that
time I told the client that my calcs were an instrument of my service, not a
product, and I don't release them.  The client, an attorney, didn't pursue
the matter.

My current client says he wants to put the calcs away for safe keeping and
has no other purpose for them.  It sounds O.K, so I wrote him a letter, to
accompany my calcs, that is like Jim Kestner's in content and tone.

If delivery of calcs were part of our original agreement, and a purpose for
the delivered calcs were defined, I would include in my fee the time to make
them thorough, clear, and suitable for the defined purpose, and I'd edit
them for readability as I edit my letters.  When the request came as a, "By
the way, I need your calcs with the drawings tomorrow", I became cautious.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer

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