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RE: Release of Calcs.

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Title: RE: Release of Calcs.

I beleive that your calculations are part of the service that the client has paid for, and denying the client from obtaining a copy is the clients right.  Granted, there may be issues which need to be addressed, like including a disclaimer, but the client has paid for them, as well as all of the other services we offer.  It seems like not releasing a result of our work, contributes to the connotation that seems to surround structural engineers of being unneeded.  Most people that I work with think they can just do what they have done in the past regarding structures and don't need a structural engineer, but I have been fairly successfull in changing their minds, by showing them that there is a lot more involved than they think.  It is the whole idea of educating as many people as possible what structural engineering is.  I do a formal calculation package for every project, whether it is one page of calcs or fifty, and I think this makes the client feel like they are getting something for their money. If they want it, it is available.

Zachary Goswick