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Staad Bug: Wind Load

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Title: Staad Bug: Wind Load
FYI for STAAD users.  I sent this information to the STAAD folks yesterday, and they confirmed it.  
BTW, I didn't get a free t-shirt.  :(
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Sent: Friday, July 28, 2000 3:47 AM
Subject: Staad Bug: Wind Load

I am using Staad Pro 2000, Build 1007.  I have discovered a bug when using the "Define Wind Load" generator through the graphical interface.

It appears that when using the GUI to enter the heights for the wind loads, the value entered in the GUI table will not match the height value within the input file.  For example, if the GUI table has the units "feet" as the label, and I enter 120 feet, the input file will show this value as 10 feet. 

Somehow, the GUI interface is messing up the values by a factor of 12.  My current units setting throughout the file is set at "feet-kips".  So the GUI is not interfering with any unit changes within the input file.  When I tested another file using metric units, it was also having problems, the GUI table and the input file were off by a factor of 25.4.

To get around this problem, you have to enter the correct heights in the input file and ignore the GUI table.

Which "build" will have this problem corrected?  Is this problem "known" and published anywhere?

Can I have a free Staad t-shirt for finding and reporting this bug?

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