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RE: Offshore Design

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> From: Crazy Al []
> Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 6:56 PM
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> Subject: Offshore Design
> I have periodically received emails from companies in India and
> Pakistan wanting to help us with the design.  I am aware of quite
> a few CAD organizations which send their work abroad to get it
> done at a cheaper and faster rate.  Ofcourse India is now know
> for it computer programmers.  A popular structural software
> package (STAAD) is supposed to be developed in India.  I have
> even read that most doctors now use services abroad for voice to
> text conversion
> I am trying to open up this topic about open market design with a
> few questions:
> 1.  How many companies are actually letting their projects
> developed aborad?
> 2.  How good is the design  - especially with differences in
> codes and system of units?
> 3.  How good are their prices?
> ---
> - Crazy Al, P.E.

About the only comments I have regarding this topic is that we are not
clothes manufacturers, we don't make shoes, and we don't manufacture
furniture.  We offer a service, PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING.  Our duty, as
outlined in the 11 or so states I am registered in is ".... to uphold the
public safety and welfare."  Of course along the way we would like to make
enough money to support our families and live comfortably.  But how can you
do this if you are going to broker the design for someone else.  How will
you be responsible?  Will you sign and seal the documents or let someone you
cannot see and have never met do this for you?  How can you justify to
yourself that you have met the criteria of direct responsibilty?  What is to
stop your client from hiring them directly?  This type of practice is in my
opinion both UNETHICAL and UNAMERICAN.

Brian K. Smith, P.E.

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