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Re: Release of Calcs.

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I would take the second paragraph out.  (The third paragraph of your post.)  
If you want to put something in, I would suggest something like, 

"Building Code requirements change from time-to-time and place-to-place and 
what may have been required on the date this project was designed and its 
location, may be changed for a different location and/or design date."

This doesn't say anything about the calcs being unclear, or any other adverse 
conditions that your original disclaimer "admits" to.  (It doesn't even say 
that you designed IAW a building code!)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jim Kestner wrote:

>>I appreciate everyone's open dicussion of this subject. It has been
truly enlightening. Perhaps the whole thing could be paired down to a
couple of simple statements that layman can understand without scaring
clients or building officials..........

These calculations are intended only for this project on this site and
cannot be used for a similar project on the same or different site.

The use of these calculations alone is not recommended for evaluating
the capacities of various building components. Additional information
including soil borings, actual loadings, as built conditions, etc. may
be required. These calculations have not been edited for clarity and
therefore may be misunderstood or misused by others.<<

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