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RE: client wants our spread sheet

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If he didn't pay you specifically to develop the spreadsheet you are
certainly not obligated. Let him develop his own. I use spreadsheets for
many reasons one of which is to increase my profitability. Once developed
(and I NEVER assign hours spent designing a general spreadsheet to a job, I
assign it to software development) it becomes as asset to my firm. I will
not give them away, particularly to a potential competitor. If he didn't
know how to design it before, your spreadsheet won't teach him.

Of course, you could protect and hide all the formulas and password protect
it. You could even add a macro that would allow only limited use. Whatever
you think is right. But the juevos!

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Subject: client wants our spread sheet

Ok here is one similar to the release of calculations
but with a twist.  An Engineer has hired us us to do
some connection calculations.  In the course of this
work, we developed an Excel spread sheet to run
through calculations.  He is now asking us to e-mail
this to him - I guess so he can use it on the next job
and not have to hire us??  I would rather not, but if
it weren't for his job, we probably would not have
been able to develop it on our own time.  Should we
send it or is there some logic that we can use to say
Thanks for your thoughts,
Ken Peoples, P. E.

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