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RE: Prestressing rods

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To add to Roger's comment, you can check out Preload Tank at:  They are technically among the best.

Harold Sprague

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> David,
> In the late 1950's/early 1960's StressSteel made rods for post-tensioning.
> Since prestressing was in its infancy then, there were very few
> pretensioning 
> beds and post-tensioning was usually the way to go.  I have designed a
> number 
> of bridge deck units (multi-beam units) using the StressSteel information
> and 
> if the rods that you have are StressSteel, I can give you the technical
> data.
> Tanks were usually hooped with steel rods that went thru a clamp that
> carried 
> the ends of the rods tangent to the tank at that point.  These were not 
> prestressed and served to function much like barrel hoops.  They were not 
> prestressed, but were just subject to hoop tension.  Very close together
> at 
> the bottom, wider apart at the top of the tank.
> Tanks that were prestressed were generally prestressed with wires 
> continuously wound around the tank.  The Preload Company (still in
> business) 
> was the premier company prestressing tanks in the 1950's.  If there was an
> alternate method, they should have information in their archives.
> Hope this helps.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> P.S.  "Square bars," "vintage," --- you are making me out to be an old
> man!

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